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We are a leader in modern web development, specializing in custom solutions and expert-led training.

Comprised of the most passionate developers, problem-solvers and innovators, we provide customized training options in front-end web development, full-stack web solutions, responsive web design and mobile app development, for the enterprise and development community.

Since 2009, appendTo has collaborated with industry leaders, including Celebrity Cruises,, Lenovo, Pearson, Purdue Pharma and Blackberry, to deliver superior solutions and the ultimate client experience. Operating remotely across the country, we practice our craft in a uniquely innovative environment that creates a culture of motivated and productive experts ready to help you reach your goals.

We're 100% distributed - we have the best and brightest on our team, no matter where they live. We're innovators - we invest the time and effort to stay on top of industry trends, continuously learning and applying those innovations to our software and training solutions. We're true partners - we act as an extension of your team; because of our commitment to collaboration and transparency, we are not just another vendor.

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