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EmpowerID is the award winning all-in-one Identity Management and Cloud Security suite. Responsible for managing millions of Cloud and on-premise identities for organizations around the globe, EmpowerID delivers the broadest range of ready to use IAM functionality. In-depth out of the box solutions include: single sign-on, user provisioning, identity governance, group management, role mining, delegated identity administration, password management, privileged access management, access management for SharePoint, and an identity platform for application developers. All solutions leverage a single sophisticated role and attribute-based authorization engine that handles complex organizations and even multi-tenant SaaS providers. The latest advances in machine learning and role mining analytics assist organizations to uncover the optimal role model to minimize administrative workloads and an organization's overall risk profile. A visual workflow process model and design studio with over 700 ready to use IAM workflows ensures that security processes adapt to match the unique needs of the organization and their industry.

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