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Miracle Group is a global leader in providing application outsourcing, systems integration and solution delivery services. Over the past 15 years, Miracle has successfully completed hundreds of offshore software development projects in the financial, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, e-commerce and online gaming sectors. This industry experience, combined with our expertise in using the latest technologies, enables us to successfully adapt to our clients' diverse needs. Miracle has collaborated with more than 300 long-term clients worldwide.

Outsourcing in a way that does work

We believe in closely engaging the client in his project. Therefore, we offer a Dedicated Model. In this model, the hired developer(s) will fully concentrate only on projects of the specific customer and report to this customer directly. This is what we call an 'extended team'. The client does not have to let go of control, like they have to do when cooperating with traditional offshore firms.

Whether we're building a new custom system for a client, fixing a project that's tied up in knots, or helping to make a software development organization more productive, Miracle delivers. Our customers start seeing benefits in weeks, not months or years, a radical change for some clients and partners caught up in the inertia of working as they've always worked.

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