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PayBox Payment Solutions is an Israeli based company which develops and operates a unique social payments platform, it offers a new experience for users who wish to carry out financial transactions, both when acting as individuals and when acting as groups.

PayBox brings a super easy way to collect and manage funds with friends and groups, users can open an accounts for different groups through iPhones and Android devices, this account will be the place where funds will be held until withdrawal. As friends join the group's account, they can easily pay with their personal credit card while all this process is totally transparent for all, they all can see exactly who paid, who didn't pay, what is the group's balance and they even will be notified when a withdrawal has occurred.

Along the way we found out that we can also offer a person to person solution for those who only wants to send and receive money directly to/from others, so we did it (!) and we now offer a great way to send and receive funds through personal credit cards without having to open a group.

As time goes by we can see a growing demand from merchants and businesses who wish to join PayBox's network, so we took this into our attention and we're doing some new things right now...

So stay tuned for more news

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