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RouteMatch's complete intelligent transportation system (ITS) technology platform lets organizations take advantage of one technology foundation to tackle today's passenger transportation challenges.

Schedule and route optimization. Reporting and compliance. Expanding service areas. Ridership satisfaction. On time performance. Safety. Coordination. Data visibility. Reducing fuel costs, wasted miles and soaring costs of vehicle maintenance. These are the things that keep transit agency executive directors up at night, and it's where RouteMatch's technology can help.

Organizations can easily mix and match their RouteMatch modules. Coupled to our core platform are hardware, a mobile platform, and software applications for a comprehensive multi-modal solution. We take into account your entire operational and ridership needs, with an eye toward providing the most suitable travel options for your riders and results.

With this holistic "enterprise" approach, we help organizations eliminate islands of disconnected data and inefficiencies. This yields operational sustainability and greater cost savings.

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