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Transloadit was founded in 2009 by a handful of ambitious engineers, hailing from Berlin and Amsterdam.

Six years later, we have already released a great deal of open source software. We are also pleased to say that we are currently debt-free, profitable and still fully privately owned.

During this time, we have added thousands of automated system tests, integration tests and visual diffs. This has allowed us to make continuous progress, while at the same time ensuring the quality and consistency of our existing services.

Our scaling algorithm and custom Amazon EC2 agreements now allow us to engage up to 1500 machines at the same time. These servers are then ready to start encoding data within five minutes, in data centers spread across the US and Europe. Our customers can either set a continental preference themselves or have us decide what would perform best, based upon the location of their end users.

Since its foundation, Transloadit has worked hard to build up and maintain a varied and satisfied customer base. Our customers range from relatively small, non-profit companies to large, well-known multinationals and they have all come to us with different desires and preferences.

Some customers integrate with us in order to have instant YouTube-like functionally, while remaining in full control of the content. Instead of dealing with the headaches of supporting odd codec stacks and running a scalable back-end, they let Transloadit worry about that. This allows them to free up resources and instead focus on what makes their apps stand out.

Other customers send us large batches of media that need to be optimized for various different platforms (browsers, iPad, Android, etc.). By utilizing our convenient presets and capacity, they are able to encode several months worth of content in just a few hours. Together, our customers have already converted over three petabyte of combined data using our platform.

Everything we do here at Transloadit serves one greater purpose: providing the best possible user experience. In order to achieve this, we strive to continuously improve our scaling capacity, we take great care with regard to any security issues and concerns of our customers, we apply the same amount of dedication even when dealing with the 'edgiest' of edge cases and we aim to always support the latest formats.

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