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We believe that electric vehicles run significantly further and more reliable with online energy management. Our cloud-based telematic services improve the operation of electric trucks and city buses. Using the latest internet technologies, we monitor and analyse vehicles up to milisecond level.

Online energy management will be a big paradigm change in how to operate a vehicle. Up till now, the driver was always responsible to make sure, that enough energy is available to drive the planned routes. We want to break this paradigm and move the energy responsibility in the cloud. Here, we have access to many other data sources and can plan energy consumption in far more detail and much more in advance. This allows the driver to completely focus on driving, while we make sure that he also has enough energy to reach its destination.

Over the long term, we aim to influence and adapt vehicle behaviour from the cloud. This enables us to eliminate waste of energy and make the vehicle more efficient. Resulting that vehicles will meet far more ambitious route planning, while being absolutely reliable.

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