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Curious about the people behind Cozy, about our history, business model, and vision? You're in the right place! Let's start with the most important and the most exciting part.

We see Cozy evolving from a personal private cloud and app platform into a universal tool that can help you organize your life and make you more productive by automating routine tasks. It will act as your own personal assistant, providing the information you're looking for and offering advice when you need it. We want Cozy to be of use to both individual users and certain businesses as a solid foundation for building a vendor-neutral cloud platform.

Cozy will offer the ideal solution for virtual private server providers and cloud-enabled storage appliances. It will also serve as an alternative to proprietary services for mobile operating systems like Firefox OS and CyanogenMod. Cozy is already working with several large organizations that are experimenting with the future of their customer relations.

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