A history of Node.js

With only 7 candles on the cake you’d think Node doesn’t have much history to it, but actually a lot of things can happen in 7 years. 2009  was a different world, the U.S. had its first black President, Avatar was  released and Johanna Sigurdardottir became Iceland’s first female Prime Minister. And of course, Node.js had its initial release.

Let’s go through everything year by year.


  • An early preview of npm was released just a few months after Node

  • Ryan Dahl had the first presentation on Node.js at JSConf


  • The initial release of npm (in January)

  • The express framework was released

  • came to life

  • Ryan Dahl had the first Google talk about Node


  • Npm 1.0 was released

  • One of the first books for Node.js beginners was released: The Node.js Beginner book by Manuel Kiessling.

  • 2 major companies started using Node.js: Linkedin and Uber


  • This year Ryan Dahl left the Node.js project and Isaac Schlueter took on the gauntlet of moving Node forward. At this point in time, the Node.js project was still under the Joyent umbrella, and Ryan remained an employee there.

  • Hapi.js was released


  • The initial concept of the MEAN stack was introduced by Valeri Karpov, a MongoDB developer.

  • Ghost, a node.js open source publishing platform was released

  • Paypal adopted Node, so did ebay (they both moved from Java)


  • Node leadership changes hands again as TJ Fontaine takes over

  • Netflix takes the Node way

  • This was the year then the io.js project forked, the year Node divided. Io.js released several version in tandem with the original Node.js team. Opinions were divided and people went in different directions.


  • A house divided cannot stand on itself, so in June of 2015 the Node.js Foundation was created and the io.js project reunited with the original node project. The foundation has several big name in its members, companies that support the foundation and its endeavours. It still remains and independent entity that works for the promotion and development of Node.js

  • 3 months after the Node Foundation was launched TJ Fontaine stepped down as the lead of the project

  • In September 2015 the Node.js and io.js combined in a single codebase with the release of Node 4.0. This was the original version 1.0 planned before the merger.

  • In 2015 a plan was outlined for constant and regular Node.js version updates. You can read more about it here.

  • The first Node Interactive conference took place


  • Npm got to more than 200k users

  • The first Node Interactive Europe conference happened

  • Yarn was released

  • Node.js 6 is the latest LTS version

What other major events of Node do you consider worth mentioning?

Also, have a look at some the companies and startups that are currently using Node.js