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nearForm uses Node.js to deliver software consulting, co-development, products, training and support for large enterprises. We have a laser focus on our motto: Infrastructure for Innovation.

Node.js is a software platform that enables enterprises to create lean, efficient, high performing and ultra scalable software systems, quickly and easily.

nearForm created one of Europe's first Node.js production systems as early as 2011, making the company part of a small global elite with early-adopter expertise in Node.js. Our co-founders are among Europe's leading technology visionaries and Node.js evangelists.

Cian O Maidin is the cornerstone of the Node.js community in Europe. Richard Rodger anticipated a shift in the way software was deployed back in 2010, and wrote the book, Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (Wiley), before a single Node.js system went into production.

nearForm has delivered over 50 large-scale production systems for clients in Ireland, the UK and the USA. The company provides advanced training in mobile and Node.js to large-scale enterprises on an ongoing basis.

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