Node.js Interactive Europe. Will you attend?

Node.js Interactive Europe is the place to be this September, an exciting event for all Node lovers.  It will have various workshops, tech talks and community discussions that will tell us all about the future development of Node.js and JavaScript.

Node.js Interactive will take place between September 15-18th in Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

You can register here.

Node.js is rapidly rising through the ranks, emerging as a universal platform. The Node,js Interactive Europe event brings together developers, community contributors, creating a perfect opportunity for discussion, to provide insights about the development of Node.js and what the future may hold.

“We’ve hand-selected a range of presenters and content that will showcase the future of Node.js and how pervasive it has become in the market through both a community and enterprise lens”

Mikeal Rogers, community manager of Node.js Foundation

This is the conference to be for every noder, but not just that, as the talks will focus on node.js and corresponding technologies.

The keynote includes:

  • Ashley Williams, Node.js Foundation community board chair, founder of NodeTogether, and developer community and content manager at npm

  • Doug Wilson, Express lead maintainer

  • James Snell, IBM engineer and Node.js Foundation TSC member

  • Kat Marchán, CLI engineer at npm

  • Mikeal Rogers, community manager at the Node.js Foundation

The Node.js Interactive Europe event will debate the new definition of the full stack, as they put it themselves –  “The new full stack is a combination of everything from the browser to a toaster.” The event brings together companies and open source projects to discuss this concept in the following fields:

  • Cloud and Back End

  • Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Debugging, Tracing & Tooling

  • IoT (Including Node.js being embedded into IoT devices)

  • Node.js Core

  • Security and Performance

This edition of Node.js Interactive will also feature workshops, diversity scholarships, longer session and childcare (per community demands).

Here’s a quick sample on what can you look forward to:

Cloud and Back End

  • Node.js and Containers go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly from Ross Kukulinski of NodeSource

  • Building the Node.js Global Distribution Network from Guillermo Rauch creator of

  • SWIMming in the microservices Ocean from Luca Maraschi of Sporti and nearForm

Diagnosing, Debugging, and DevOps

  • Instrumentation and Tracing in Node.js from Thomas Watson of Opbeat

  • The Cost of Logging from Matteo Collina of nearForm

Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence

  • Taking on Genetically Evolving Cellular Automata with JavaScript from Irina Shestak of Small Media Foundation

  • From Pterodactyls and Cactus to Artificial Intelligence from Ivan Seidel of Tenda Digital

Node.js Core

  • Keeping the Node.js Community Infrastructure Humming: An Update from the Build Workgroup from Michael Dawson of IBM

  • Creating Native Addons – General Principles from Gabriel Schulhof of Intel

  • The CITGM Diaries from Myles Borins of IBM


  • FIPS Comes to Node.js from Stefan Budeanu of IBM

  • Take Data Validation Seriously from Paul Milham of WildWorks


  • Node.js on Hardware: Where We Are, Where We’re Going, and How We’ll Get There from Kassandra Perch of NodeBots

  • Why did the robot cross the road? Computer vision, robots and mobile games from Pawel Szymczykowski of Wedgies

  • The Future is Now: How to Realize your New Potential as a Cyborg from Emily Rose of Salesforce

Node.js Everywhere

  • Bitcoin, Blockchain and Node from Portia Burton of The Atlantic

  • Node.js and the African Market from Ogatcha Prudence of Pilby

  • The Radical Modularity from Aria Stewart of npm


  • Build a real-time multiplayer chess game with from David Washington of Microsoft

  • Isomorphic JavaScript with React + Express from Azat Mardan of Capital One

Source: Node.js Foundation