Node University

Node.js University is a new and exciting project brought to you by Azat Mardan. If you’re not familiar with the name, here’s a quick bio on him. Azat is a technology fellow at Capitol One and JavaScript and Node.js author. He wrote Practical node.js, React Quickly, Full Stack JavaScript, Pro Express.js etc. We covered Capitol One’s involvement in Node.js in a recent article. Even though they are are a bank, their investments and dedication to technology and node.js in particular is something to appreciate.

Azat Mardan is a pretty well known figure in the Node community, he held several workshops and courses in conferences like Node Interactive and ForwardJS. He also teaches at and is a mentor at Node University is his new project, a free education platform focused on Video Tutorials for the JavaScript ecosystem, about topics such as: Node, Express, JavaScript, ECMAScript, Mongoose, React, Webpack, npm, MongoDB, HTTP/2, OAuth, HTML5 and others as well. As an experienced developer and a skilled teacher it’s no surprise to see him behind a concept like Node University.

Video tutorials and courses are very popular right now, it’s an easy to consume teaching medium, a very practical way to teach coding and development in general. This is not something new, there are plenty of similar platforms out there, like Udemy, but these are a bit more generalistic. There’s also Youtube videos available of course and many other, but variety isn’t necessarily all good, as it can be hard to find the right video that brings value to you. It can also be difficult to find a trustworthy source/teacher on certain topics so covering so many relevant and current topics in one place by reputable individuals is something useful for the development community.  That’s what the Node University represents, an open source platform for video courses.

Right now there are only a few available courses, as the platform was just recently launched, both free and premium. You can check it out here.