5 Node.js frameworks you should look at

Node.js is a runtime environment that has the tools and capabilities to build server oriented apps rapidly and in JavaScript.  It works with Mac, Linux and Windows. It has an amazing package manager with over 200 thousand modules that you can use right now. It’s popularity is shown in pure numbers, it has been downloaded more than 90 million times. And beyond this, it also has quite a few handy frameworks that make it easier to work with. Here are a few of them that you might want to try out.


This is a full stack frameworks that helps you create desktop and mobile apps with reusable components. It has built in templating system, a storage agnostic resource-oriented object to document mapper for building data models and many other features. Check out more about it on their Github page.


Yes, there is a framework even with this name. It’s a pretty small framework for building APIs mostly. It’s open source so you can tweak it and add on. With Diet you can create multiple hosts, and build clean APIs and URLs. Get it here.


This framework is similar to Rails, as in it provides things like authentication modules, SocketIO  and Passport.js integrations, that give you a very flexible environment for building secure apps with very little code. This is a more visible framework than the first two i mentioned, so you can find different opinion pieces on it. You can also just try it yourself.


The core of Rhapsody is supported by Express  and it’s useful for creating RESTful APIs for models. Among its features we have support for sockets and middleware. It also have other goodies that you can check out while trying out in a real coding environment. You can also choose what database and  template engine. you want to use.


Derby helps you create complex web application without having to write complicated code. It’s fully compliant with all search engine requirements so you can tap the organic traffic opportunity more easily.  It has quite a few learning resources so you can get a grip on it pretty easily. Have a look at it here!

Share your favorite Node.js framework in the comment section. We’d love to hear what you’re using and how’s it working out!