12 people to follow for Node knowledge

You read articles, you check out social media, you pay attention to trend setters and authority figures to stay in touch with your field and get the latest first. Node.js is the largest open source community in the world so you can be sure that something is always going on. Here are a few people you might want to hit that follow button for. Listed in no particular order.

Myles Borins, a Node.js Collaborator at IBM

Yunong J Xiao, a Senior Software Engineer, Netflix and a guest speaker at Node Summit 2017

Scott Hammond, Chief Executive Officer at Joyent. Yes, that Joyent.

Alex Liu, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Because Netflix is big on node.

Michael Dawson Senior Software Developer at BM. Will also speak at Node Summit 2017

Danese Cooper, chairperson at the Node Foundation, working also at PayPal

Azat Mardan Tech Fellow at Capital One. The man who changed things at Capital One. Also started Node university.

Mícheál Ó Foghlú,  CTO at Red Hat Mobile

Ashley Williams, works at npm and is an individual director on the Node Foundation board

William Kapke, creator of and the newest individual director on the board

Adam Baldwin, founder of Node Security (not one of the Baldwin brothers), currently works at Lift Security

(not an actual picture of Dan Shaw)

Dan Shaw, CTO and co founder at NodeSource. Also Node.js evangelist.

These are just a handful of people that could change your timeline and get you more connected to what’s happening in the Node world. If you follow other accounts or individuals that bring great value to you, please share them, we’ll edit the list accordingly.