Node.js Foundation Transparency

The Node Foundation keeps a pretty active presence, on various platforms, keeping a level of transparency that’s almost uncommon. Here are a couple of videos that might be worth taking a few minutes out of your day to have a look at. The Node Foundation has a Youtube Channel and they post videos on a pretty regular basis, including their Board of Directors meetings. We talked about the Board a while back, in any case, it’s a useful source of information about the Foundation itself and Node.

They also publish their Technical Committee meetings, LTS meetings and more. If you check out their playlists you can pick and choose what you wanna check out more easily. Some of them are quite long, like the LTS meetings, which go from 30 to 60 minutes, but as a Node.js developer you can actually see how the Node Foundation works, what do they talk about, what are they working on, and this level of communication and transparency is amazing.

Needless to say, there are a gazillion videos out there on Node.js, tutorials, experiences, setups and whatnot, but these videos are a very real glimpses into the way your language is progressing. That might be worth it. Considering that there are tens of thousands of Node.js developers and only a couple hundred views on these videos, some of you might be missing out.

Here are a couple interesting videos from the Foundation:

2017-01-30 Node.js Board of Directors Meeting -i t might seem dull, but you can see and hear how a meeting is conducted and how they work together and make decision for Node.js

Smarter & Cuter Bots by Rachel White, Microsoft – this is a pretty cool presentation from a technical evangelist

Have a look at the channel and see what they have on for you.