What’s your Node.js company?

It might be a very straightforward question, but BuiltinNode is a place to showcase Node.js companies. We have hundreds listed so far and would like to add up to that number as much as possible.

Is Node.js a big deal in your company or just a small piece? It’s a main technology or just a service you offer other people? They don’t mean quite the same thing, but in the end we’ll be happy to have you on our platform.

Node.js is a very attractive technology and many junior developers work their way towards it, for various reasons, be it the attractive job market, the easy to learn once you know JavaScript factor, its scalability or strong community support and organizational level through the Node.js Foundation. More and more companies change technology to Node or add it to their stack so there’s definitely a  rising need in good talent. Beyond the big branded names like Uber, PayPal, Linkedin or Netflix many other small companies and startups  rely or experiment with Node.js.

So if you happen to work for any of them add them or BuilinNode or let us know about them. We’d love to showcase more stories about how Node.js is used and how businesses take advantage of its abilities. As a Node.js community we want to promote Node.js as a technology, node.js companies that rely on it and even Node.js developers who could inspire others.

If you want to be a part of BuiltinNode or have any Node.js thoughts you want to share email me at [email protected].