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Geeklist is a vibrant platform for geeks to discover, connect and share the great work they have done. Developers worldwide, and their work, are nowhere to be found or discovered. We change that. Completely.

In Geeklist we provide the global developer community a place to get credit where credit is due. A place to share their resources and links with each other, get High Fived (or ^5 in Geeklist terms), earn GeekCredtm, build their own connections and join in Geek communities, all in a completely integrated social manner.

In Geeklist, companies get to share the great achievements of their engineering teams to a targeted community of developers. People who really understand and appreciate the hard work that went into building the company and products. Often influencers in their own companies, they get to bond and form a relationship with companies they love. What’s more, companies get tools to communicate with developers who wish to be contacted or hired.

Born in San Francisco, we are now in 174 countries and have ambassadors in cities around the world sharing the Geeklist story at a meetup, hackathon or event near you. To get involved contact us at [email protected] and share with us your geek story!

Built by developers, for developers… we make geeks lives better every day.