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After spending many years in the PACS and VNA business, we’ve found that small and large practices alike did not have a good solution for backing up their DICOM imaging data. Small practices felt they could not afford a seamless solution, which often resulted in a loss of data or pricey data recovery. Large practices, on the other hand, usually had convoluted solutions based on enterprise software contracts, often requiring expensive hardware that demanded routine maintenance and had finite scalability.

This is the reason we started Safebridge. Safebridge is a simple, secure and cost effective HIPAA-compliant cloud backup solution for DICOM data. All you need is a Safebridge DICOM node (delivered as a VM or Docker container), which will be used as a gateway by your scanners, before forwarding your imaging data to your PACS, VNA, or workstations.

By making this small change, your DICOM data will automatically be indexed in a replicated database for fast searching, and backed up to the cloud (Azure and Amazon currently supported). You will have access to a list of the indexed data via a local web portal as well as a replicated one hosted in the cloud. If at any point you need to retrieve your DICOM data, it will be there. You can access it via query retrieve or manual DICOM retrieval using the web portal.

And since security is our top priority, all communications between the local Safebridge node and the cloud nodes are either over a private VPN or HTTPS. Additionally, where supported, we give the option of encrypted data at rest.