BuiltinNode Company

Evozon is a software development and consulting company with almost 500 specialists at our headquarters in Cluj-Napoca Romania. With the support of business focused people in London, San Francisco, New York, Phoenix, Sweden, Austria and Japan we can be where you need us most. We use Agile, CI and LEAN methodologies to create the highest quality solutions that your customers will love.

What makes us unique is the combination of technical excellence with an entrepreneurial Silicon Valley mindset.

We create enterprise class applications and mobile apps for companies of all sizes where performance, scale, security and user experience are of equal importance.

We offer custom software solutions, business analysis, product development, support, marketing and testing.

Whether its Linux or Windows, Embedded or Mobile, IoT or automotive and VR or game consoles we cover most hardware platforms. Our weapons of choice are Java, .Net, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, C++ and Perl with our own rapid development or commercial and open-source frameworks.