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Surespot is a military grade encrypted messaging app that provides iron clad means for people to protect the content of their mobile communications with one another. Available on both Android and iOS devices.

With the rising number of savvy malintent hackers, the vast increase in identity theft victims and the rampant expanding of government spying and surveillance programs, personal security, privacy and protection have become major issues challenging the most basic of human rights in the modern day.

By combating this information free-for-all, surespot is able to return to the individual their due right to privacy. This privacy is what people have entrusted in surespot to keep secure, and as a company, we intend to honor that trust without compromise.

The surespot code base is all open-source technology. This creates transparency and invites peer reviewed scrutiny and inspection of security features so you can be confident in our claims. surespot has additional safeguards including the ability to sign up without an email or phone number and the ability to delete your messages from any of your contacts’ phones.

Surespot can be downloaded from the google play store via https://www.surespot.me. The source code can be viewed on github at https://github.com/surespot