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Onscribe provides an easy way to add subscriptions to any existing website.

Whether you’re a blogger or an artist, you work hard producing your content. And though it might be a labour of love, you deserve to get paid for your efforts.

Research shows that many users are happy to pay for premium content, especially when they know that it may cease to be available if it’s not supported.

Big players like newspapers have successful subscription models for their premium content. But as a small company or individual, how can you get paid for your valuable content without having to mess with payment gateways and complicated APIs?

Onscribe takes the pain out of setting up payment gateways and makes it a snap for you to add subscription buttons to your site, blog, app or online game.

Plus, we aggregate all the major payment providers including Paypal, Facebook Payments and more to follow, making it even easier for your audience to give you the credit you deserve.