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At Guevara, we’ve changed the way insurance works. We let you pool your premiums as a group online. The group then uses that money to pay for any claims you make throughout the year. Any money you don’t use stays with the group until you need it. It’s a fairer system for everyone.

Guevara is a digital company offering a new approach to insurance. We started out in 2013, and we’ve put in a lot of hard work to gain regulatory approval, build our product and make sure we have a platform that serves our customers in the way they deserve.

Our founders come from a range of different backgrounds, combining finance, entrepreneurship, consultancy, design and marketing. They’ve built businesses in different parts of the world, helped some of the world’s largest companies structure big deals, and mentored some of the smallest to help them grow. And they’ve created and managed brands, campaigns, user experiences and online communities. They also make a mean cup of tea.