Node.js events in 2017

As a major technology, Node.js has quite a few events dedicated to people in love with it, developers who want to learn more, connect and grow professionally. We covered the Node Summit, a major Node.js conference in a previous article, but there are more worthy events besides it that might interest anyone with Node.js on their resume.

There are two dedicated Node.js events that most people know about, the previous mentioned Node Summit on July 25-27th and Node.js Interactive on October 4-6th. Node Summit will be held at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco and Node.js Interactive in Vancouver, Canada at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Besides them we also have quite a few other Node.js conferences. Let’s dive in.

Nodeconf Adventure is a 3 day event, on July 6-9th in Walker Creek Ranch, in California. It’s a bit different that the usual Node conference. It’s an adventure for the whole family, in their own words. They have a kids Track and Significant Other track so for this conference you can really take your loved ones with you. This is an Un-conference, meaning that it’s not a traditional event with talks and speakers it’s more informal, attendees build the schedule right at the event.

NodeConf EU, in Ireland, 4 day event, from November 5-8th. This is a key event for Node.js in Europe (but no the only one). A true community event, it’s an attraction point for Node.js developers from across Europe and not just. It will take place at the  Lyrath Convention Centre, a conference venue and convention centre able to hold more than 1500 participants. Speaker proposals are open until June 30th.

Barcelona NodeConf, another european node.js event. To be fair this already happened, it was on April 7th, but it’s it should still be on your radar for next year. It was a one day event, with English talks, focusing on node.js, server-side and embedded JavaScript technologies in Barcelona. The Barcelona Node.js community is thriving.

WebRebels Oslo, this is a JavaScript conference happening on June 1-2nd in Oslo. Although it’s marketed as a JS conference, if you have a look at the speakers you will find that most of them also work in Node.js so in this regard it can also be considered a Node.js event. Last year there was an Oslo NodeConf, but so far they haven’t announced any plans to do another one in 2017.

NodeFest Japan, the largest Node.js conference in Japan. A 2 day event in November, 25-26th. It should be a real JavaScript festival, the Node Gakuen festival with the slogan “Be More Global, Be More Interactive”. It really shows Node is worldwide.

Possible events

Last year there were 3 more NodeConf events, nodeConf Italy (the 5th edition), NodeConf Oslo,  NodeConf Brazil and NodeConf Argentina. Dates for this year haven’t been announced yet, but they may still happen so if you’re in the area be sure to check them out.