Get ready for the Node.js Certification Program

Last month, the Node.js Foundation announced the development of a new Node.js certification program, in order to establish a baseline competency for developers. As node.js grows and more organizations adopt it, this certification will make it easier for them to evaluate developers and also for developers to evaluate themselves. The 32 question exam will be available sometime in the second quarter of 2017.

“The Node.js Foundation, with help from incredible community members and core experts, is creating a comprehensive certification program that broadens the funnel of skilled Node.js expertise available. Whether working in enterprise environments or as individual consultants, those who become Node.js Certified Developers will be well-positioned to hit the ground running as a Node.js developer, possessing skills that are in high demand,” said Tracy Hinds, education community manager for the Node.js Foundation.

The program is created in conjunction with the Linux Foundation, who has previous experience in creating training programs and certifications, with several online courses, like  Intro to Linux, Intro to DevOps: Transforming and Improving Operations; Developing Applications for Linux; Kubernetes Fundamentals and others. 

The Node.js Foundation is also taking feedback from the community, taking in questions that will be on actual exam. You can also contribute.

What does it mean to contribute to the program?

You can choose between two roles, you can be an item (topic/question) writer or an item reviewer. 30 people will be the item writing team, and about 12 of these 30 will be on the Item Writing Review Team IWRT.

You need to have some time available for this, more precisely:

  • 1.5 hours for an intro webinar

  • 2 to 5 hours for independently writing and reviewing the question with Item Writing Review Team members this is for items writers & IWRT

  • 5 to 6,  1-hour online meetings to reach consensus, group review, and level items – just for IWRT only

If you’d like to contribute, you can fill in this application.

The Node.js Certification Program is aimed at intermediate-level developers who already know and work in JavaScript and Node.js. According to the questions presented, there will also be available material and resources to learn from (but not created by the Foundation just for the exam). This way anybody can be certified. Pricing for the certification is yet to be determined, but it will be low cost. It will involve coding and will be taken under observation by a proctor via their computer’s camera.

Professional certifications are a very practical way to check proficiency and skill in software development. This isn’t something new, but it is of great interest in the node.js community as many companies and developers have been asking for such a certification for quite a while now.

“There are a lot of people wanting to verify their knowledge of Node,” Tracy Hinds, education community manager for the Foundation. “The test would certify an applicant as an early intermediate Node developer, which means that “they’re not going to know everything, but they can hit the ground running”.