‘Now It’s Simple’ rebranding to Nodejs Enterprise… but still simple!

Your brand is so much more than the public facet of your business. A brand is not only defined by it’s visual representation, but it implies an entire spectrum of associations that people assign to it within every single interaction. Therefore, the process of rebranding not only has a rejuvenating effect over the public expression of your company, but it also reflects your brands’ positioning in the market dynamics and your business performances.

Nonetheless, rebranding seems prerequisite when the previous formula od your brand no longer makes justice to the technological innovations arising throughout your development efforts.

Rebranding occurs on a much deeper level than the simple visual existence of your business. Changing you logo, coming up with a catchy tagline and calling it a day just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially in the technological sector. Keeping pace with the innovative trends involves constantly reinventing and readapting your brand, in order to stay afloat.

In a nutshell, a well-executed rebranding could be exactly what the doctor ordered for your company to confidently reinforce its’ values and honor the commitment of a more relevant brand promise. This is the case of an early BuiltinNode community adherent, that has recently gone through the metamorphosis of the promising naming that “Now It’s Simple”, to the comprehensive status of Nodejs Enterprise, which encapsulates a full-featured and robust nodejs CMS.

Nodejs Enterprise incorporates the must-have trio manager for content, docker and ecommerce, sustaining setup content editors, controller, data bindings and parser in just a few clicks for any enterprise apps in Nodejs.

We salute the courageous movement of the up and running Nodejs Enterprise and we hope it receives and enthusiastic response within the Nodejs community!