Explore Node.js on every level with these resources

Learning a new skill, learning something new, be it a programming language or something else,  is a challenge, but it also depends a lot on the resources you use. Our life is, or should be, a constant journey of development and learning; there is always not just room for more, but opportunity and benefits of practising your mind and gaining insights into all sorts of things. Of course this doesn’t apply just to programming languages, it’s not about learning them all. But as a general rule of thumb, knowing and learning is very much living.

Many of us have big dreams and plans when it comes to self development, we want to learn German (it’s not impossible), node.js, how to use a bow, how to fix a car, how to build a fort (forts are cool) and more. We want, we try and every so often, more often that most of us would like to admit, we give up. And we swipe our failure under the rug of “At least I tried”.

The resources we use to learn something new are equally responsible, together with our own desire to succeed,  for our success or failure. Some people resonate better with a certain learning environment, some likes books, others like videos and so on and so forth. When it comes to programming languages you have a lot of different types of resources available out there, there is a lot of material explained in all sorts of way so you can definitely find something that clicks with your process.

We’ll show you a few resources that can help you learn or better understand node.js, resources that take you from your level, be it beginner, master node expert or anything in between.

1 The Node beginner book

Of course we’ll start with the beginner level. This is a short book, simple and easy to comprehend, great for starting up. Break it layer by layer and you’ll be have an easier time climbing the learning ladder. You can find the book here.

2 Practical Node.js

This book is a great guide after you’re more familiar with node, it has a nice guide for building all sorts of real life apps. It goes through the whole toolkit, taking you step by step through the whole process. It’s available here.

3 Node: up and running

This one is great if you have a bit of a know how in JavaScript. It’s really useful to get in depth knowledge when it comes to Node.js. It covers several interesting topics like loop architecture. It’s worth a read. Available here!

4 Smashing Node

Smashing Node is a very complex book, ideal for developers with vast previous experience in JavaScript, a great resource that encompasses all the tools and features you need to know to build a great Node.js application. You can get it here.

These are just a few recommendations, there are a lot of great books out there about Node.js, books and other type of resources that can help you understand and master it. Each one of the books that we shown here take you from a different stage of knowledge, some take you as a blank slate other take into account a substantial amount of already accumulated knowledge.

Other useful resources that you might want to try out are: mastering Node.js, available in different formats (for free), the node.js documentation or YLD’s video tutorials,