Hiring Node.js developers – tips, skills and questions

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Although as a language, Node is pretty young, there are plenty of experienced developers out there, you just need the right tools to spot them. Node was a part of key development trends last year and it’s going to be a hot skill in the coming years. Node.js developers are in great demand, but to get in the wrestling match to find the best ones it’s good to know a few things about what exactly does a Node developer do, and what makes him/her great at his job. Hiring the best is something each company wants, for the best products and results. So how do you get the best?

It all comes up to (proven) skills in the end so let’s start there – this is what shapes and defines a great developer.

So what should a great node.js developer know? Well, a few things:

  • asynchronous programming should a no brainer

  • a good amount of knowledge of server-side preprocessors

  • knowledge about event based programming such as the differences in concurrency models, eventloop versus multi-threading.

  • complete understanding of server-side templating languages. EJS or Jade are good examples for this.

  • substantial experience with github and as many open source contribution as possible

  • active contributions in the Node.js community, in groups, StackOverflow and such, this is a strong indication of a dedicated developer truly interested in the development of Node.

  • understanding the fundamentals of a scalable application

  • skills and understanding of front end technologies, the basic HTML5 and the more advanced CSS3

  • real experience with Node tools like: brunch, broccoli, grunt and the like. This will actually show what you’re developer knows on a practical side.

These are just a few of the skills that a good, nay, great Node developer should have. If he or she checks out all of them you can get that office with a view ready.

To get started on the interview process you’ll need a few good questions/requirements. So here are our two cents:

1 Explain the Asynchronous approach in Node.js

2 What can you do with underscore in Node.js?

3 Create a HTTP server in Node

4 What’s the difference between Node.js and Ajax?

5 Explain event loop and event emitter

6 How many types of streams does Node.js have?

7 What’s the most common framework in Node.js?

When you hire a developer you have to make sure he’s all that he’s stacked up to be in the technical department, but also that he is a person driven by performance and accomplishments.  Someone creative with an analytical mind, inquisitive and with a passion for all that Node.js stands for. That’s the developer you need. We’ll help you get him or her through our job board, post now any new positions you might have or know of.