Haven’t started building in Node.js yet?

Well, you should! Here’s why:

Firstly, because it’s cool, and we mean it! If you want to come across as a trendy, up to date programmer, you should be able to create a working system on any up-and-coming platform, basically because every other fellow computer geek such as yourself will. And you don’t want be the one who never gets the small talk during lunch break, the one that is constantly interrupting for further explanations and clarification. You don’t want to be that guy, you hate that guy. And if this wasn’t a good enough reason, we’ve got a few more compelling arguments as to why node.js should be the go-to platform for your web development projects.

It’s pretty popular and easy to learn

One of the main traits that should entice you to build in node, is the fact that it isn’t that hard to learn, and you probably already have, yet don’t know it. If you are already familiar with JavaScript, there really isn’t that much learning effort.

It makes real-time apps a piece of cake

You can finally kiss writing sockets and protocols goodbye and say hello to real-time, two-way connections, because multi-user is Node-event-loop’s cup of tea. Therefore, the server is no longer the sole data pusher, where the client is able to initiate communication just as easily, allowing both parties to exchange data freely.

It doesn’t block your code

Yes, if you haven’t wrapped your head around it just yet, we’ll raise you this one: Node is utterly event driven, which basically means most of the code is run based on callbacks, so the application becomes available for further requests instead of pausing or sleeping.

It’s got a welcoming community

Like any other popular platform or product, node.js has built around itself a great, influencing community, contributing on a daily basis to its enlargement and development from the very core. And a great community, namely means a bunch of smart people, available for constant help, support and shared opportunities.

With these and plenty other amazing features, Node.js has made a quite a name for itself in the web development world and has been gaining adherents with every passing day.

So if you’ve made it this far, welcome to the future of web development! You’re gonna love it!