SConfig – A CDN for your configuration files, built in Node

Today we’re going to talk about a very cool product made in Node.js, called SConfig.

As the title goes, it’s a CDN for configuration data and files that allows you to keep, manage and access them all in one place. SConfig is a Node.js client for encrypted configuration storage. It’s a practical service that secures your applications easily. Basically, it’s an awesome, scalable and secure way to protect your config files. You can define as many applications as you want, or any number of versions. They’re easy to access through an API call from the servers. It uses strong multi-factor authentication (from UNLOQ) and AES-256 encryption to protect your data.

SConfig uses the Thorin.js framework created by UNLOQ, we talked about them in a previous article. It’s built from the bottom up in JavaScript, front and back end. If you read about Thorin.js you know it’s a modular framework, and SConfig is built using some of the Thorin modules. It’s all made in Node.js, which is pretty amazing.

Here’s how it works:

You can check out the full presentation of SConfig here, and see their Github account here.

SConfig is a product meant for developers, meant to make accessing files easier and safer. It’s destined for small devops teams and large departments. To be able to use the service you have to download the UNLOQ app and create an account. The token that you received on the app will be used to login securely.  The entire relationship between the device (the app), the browser and the servers is dealt with encryption keys and tokens, making the data stored in your account private. File content encryption is done in the browser and the servers only get encrypted data, having no clue what it is. It uses zero knowledge proof to make sure all your data is private, even to SConfig.

Give it a try, it’s free for up to 5 applications.