World, meet

It’s with great excitement that we’re announcing the launch of our newest #builtin project:

We’ve been working on our website during the past couple of months and reaching out to fellow Noders, getting really interesting insights on the Node.js community around the world. Stay close, we’re going to share them all with you soon.

So what’s BuiltinNode about?

BuiltinNode is a young project with a great mission, which is promoting the success stories of Node.js & contributing to the growth of the global Node.js community. We’re quite excited to get things rolling – and what we really want to accomplish with our blog is to get YOU involved in the blogging process, as we would be honored to write about your startup’s milestones & your company’s achievements.

6 amazing startups & 1 company registered on BuiltinNode since our launch yesterday, May 12th.  Thanks guys for joining our pre-launch list! To learn more about them, just click the links below, since they’re really interesting projects:

  • Augur – Recognize Devices and the Consumers who own them
  • Brightin – Making great apps with Node, Ember and React.js
  • Cronj – Cronj provides custom enterprise software development.
  • Muscula – Monitor your website for JavaScript errors
  • Onscribe – An elegant way to use online content
  • Sourcey – Startup Developers and Consultants
  • Unloq – Authentication. Authorization. Growth

You are also invited to advertise your Node.js openings on our job board; our goal is to make it the “go-to” Node.js job board, so let’s do that together.

And have no doubt, we also have other ideas on the table. We’re periodically reviewing them in an agile way (yes, we like and use the agile methodology even in marketing and product management). Thanks to our new blog, we’ll keep you updated!

We are continuously working on improving our users’ experience with our website, so if you have any suggestions on how we could make your interaction with our site better, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Greetz & keep you posted!