Node Summit 2017

This year’s Node Summit will take place between July 25-27th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco. This is the largest conference focused on Node.js, an event that brings together experts, users and companies that make node.js their core technology. If you want to attend a Node.js conference, this is as good as it gets. If San Francisco is a bit too far away for you, you may be in luck, last year there was a Node Summit Europe in September, hopefully they will have another this edition this year as well. Nothing has been announced so far though.

You can register for Node Summit 2017 NA right now!

The early registration gives you a cheaper price and also a guaranteed spot for the Day Zero session. Day Zero has limited availability, it provides additional talks, workshops and sessions as well as a chance to network with other members.

You can also submit a NodeTalk proposal here and as the schedule is still being put together you can tweet to the organisers (@NodeSummit) on topics that you’d like covered.

The Node Summit conference started out in 2011 as Node.js was getting on the rise. A strong community together with events like these help grow and connect a very important part of any programming language runtime – developers. Node Summit grew, year by year, from a two day track small conference and a 3 hour track at Dataweek 2012 to the event that it is today, spreading over 3 days with talks from developers from Google, Netflix, Mozilla, PayPal, IBM, Microsoft etc.  Its current incarnation of a 3 day track conference during the summer started out in 2015.

More details regarding schedule, talk and presenters will be announced in the coming weeks. Follow Node Summit on Twitter for the latest or check back with them on their website.