11 Node.js tools to use

Node.js is getting more popular each day as more and more developers are using Node.js in their projects. Considering this we decided to give everyone a hand and list a few Node.js tools that you can use in your work. There’s a vibrant community around Node so we think this list could be very handy and easy to expand, so feel free to add any other tools you know about or have used in the comment section. Let’s grow the community through valuable information and mutual help, these tools can be used by new developer to Node or by the pros. Without any other ado here’s 11 tools to use in Node.js:

1 Sails.js

This tools is great for advanced mobile applications, it’s flexible and makes things work smooth and effortless. It’s very useful for maintaining the coding and easily and for working at a faster pace. It also has a few automations by creating the models and controllers. Overall, creating application is easy as baking a pie with Sails.js.

2 Cylon.js

Cylon.js is a framework created for physical computing and robotics. It has a Unique Command Line Interface to create adaptors and drivers efficiently and great support for Node.js framework. It can also maintain multiple platforms concurrently.

3 Stylus

An awesome development framework packed with lots of great logical functionalities that make your work so much easier.  Stylus has a minimal syntax and it’s very flexible compared to other tools. Also, the logical operations are use to use as they’re very expressive. This preprocessor can be used together with Node.js or JavaScript to build your website faster and more efficiently.

4 Math.js

This extensive math library is great for Node.js and JavaScript. It’s very easy to use and pretty powerful as it’s easy extensible and supports chained operations. Math. js offers a flexible expression parser and an integrated solution that you can use with numbers, units and matrices.

5 Eskimo

Using Eskimo you can build rapidly Node.js apps, APIs, websites and lots more. These are generally known as “igloos”. Because Eskimo is built with open source packages you can use it for almost everything, from simple web pages to referral systems. It also has simple commands bundled with the CLI make it easy to use.

6 Pencil Blue

Pencil Blue is a great management platform for enterprise websites. This Business Class Content Management For Node.js is extendable and easy to use. It has the built in tools to handle multi site hosting, scalable cloud deployments and more.

7 Broccoli

Broccoli is a build tools for Node.js similar in scope to Rails. It offers sub-second compile time no matter with how many files you’re working due to its incremental rebuild system. It’s also very light when it comes to written code due to the wide array of high quality plugins it has, most common tasks take only a few line of code.

8 Taunus

Taunus is a very cool micro isomorphic MVC engine for Node.js. It delivers content to the end user through server-side rendering. It’s basically a great way to deliver a better experience to the user. It can also be used to help view templates independently.

9 Express

Express is minimal, but high performance web development framework for Node.js. After you install it it automatically connects various tools you need so it makes work a lot easier. It has a bunch of robust features for web and mobile apps and loads of HTTP utility methods for quick and easy API build. Express also has layer of web application features.

10 Socket.IO

Socket.IO works on every platform, browser or device and it’s great for bidirectional event-based communication. It works in real time and has document collaboration so you can edit a document concurrently with other members of your team. Main ups for using Socket.IO are a high integration level, binary suport, streamlines API and great debugging.

11 Flatiron

Flatiron it’s a unobtrusive initiative to have a collection of decoupled tools with the same level of quality, all round. It promotes code organization and sustainability through the separation of development concerns. Flatiron also has many more repositories of various useful tools.

Feel free to add any other tools you use or found for Node.js, let’s make development easier for node.js users.