Evozon, a software services company betting on Node

We’ve written a few articles on big corporations and big brands switching to Node.js for their own business, names like Netflix, Uber, GoDaddy. This is great news for Node, but has caused a shortage in qualified and experienced developers and in turn driven up costs. As a result income generating new projects go on the backburner, are delivered late or if a startup may never leave the runway.

IT services companies, the ones that work with all sorts of clients and businesses, don’t have the luxury of keeping to just one or two technologies, they are ready to fill the gaps. Evozon has invested heavily in node skills staying ahead of the wave rather than just watching it from its early inception. Now Evozon has node developers with years of experience ready to get at it. But let’s rewind a bit and tell you more about Evozon.

Evozon is an Australian and Romanian owned company based in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania with satellite offices in London, Malmo and Nagoya. It’s co-founders passion and interest in Java and Perl started small and over ten years grew to a set of the most demanded technologies in the world with over 500 developers. Evozon’s talent and expertise covers Java, Perl, .Net, PHP, Node, Mobile, C++ and modern JavaScript with support from their own consultants, analysts, trainers and testers.

Evozon has various areas of expertise starting with custom software development, e-commerce, CMS, mobile and IT services. It’s a company that covers a broad spectrum of technologies and one that uses and works in Node for themselves and their clients. Check them out!