3 Node.js projects by Rolique

Rolique is a fast-growing web and mobile development company, based in Poland with expertise in design and development of custom websites and applications (Node.js, AngularJS, Drupal, Laravel, iOS, Android). As a company and a team they are dedicated to building flawless software for their clients. One of the technologies they cover is node.js, they use it extensively while developing server-side of web projects and completed several projects, implementing multiple features.

Here are 3 projects they worked on in Node.js:

1. RosterCoach project – website for fantasy football video courses

Node.js was used for website server-side development. They dealt with implementation of API, such as Mailchimp, Mandrill, Stripe, Wistia. 

We’re going to detail this project a bit more extensively.  The basics are: the Rolique team provided a fast platform, creating a single-page application on AngularJS in combination with NodeJS and MongoDB.

Their team created a responsive web design, focusing on the target audience and users. After doing quite a bit of industry research, they’ve come up with a modern and professional brand style. On the technical side, Rolique engineers were faced with multiple challenges and implemented various features. The most important challenge was related to the integration of 3rd party API: Wistia, Stripe, Mailchimp.

With Wistia, the  client was able to upload an immense number of videos. The Rolique engineers took care of preventing errors while uploading videos and added video speed options for users. Through the MailChimp integration, each user role had a separate group. Also, it was a very important task to enable MailChimp groups to be fast and easily updated when a user upgraded or downgraded a role.

The platform is also equipped with a convenient payment system – Stripe, which is easy to use both for businesses and customers.

Overall, the RosterCoach platform is very convenient in management of administrative activities. Rolique provided a set of dashboards for video uploading, courses creation, subscribers management and content management. Users are able to set tags for videos. All the course videos are thoroughly parsed and provided with unique tags which are not duplicated.

One more task the team dealt with was the creation of CRON on NodeJS for subscribers autocharge. With CRON, they enabled the platform to parse all subscribers every day and check their expired date. This helped the client keep all users payments updated and avoid charging errors.

2. Church community platform

Node.js was used for the work with google-geo API, cloudinary and MongoDB (Location index)

3. Marketing platform

This is a current project that they are working on. It’s an all-new marketing platform with Node.js on the server-side and build API (Facebook, instagram, twitter).

These were 3 Node.js projects by Rolique. It was great to know more about how such a company uses Node.js and how they apply the technology to various types of projects. To learn more about them, check out their profile on BuiltinNode or have a look at their website!