5 reasons why Node.js is in line to take over app development

Node.js is on a stride, a rising star in the land of development, in a time when you have more choices than ever when it comes to server side development. The development ecosystem is constantly evolving, technologies move up and down in a fraction of the time than a couple of decades ago. Node.js has a lot of competition, but it has quite a leg to stand on. Moving past the Node.js/JavaScript fusion that brings client and server side under the same roof, there are quite a few reasons why Node is a language runtime environment  to keep an eye on.

  • It’s faster and it increases productivity. There are quite a few big names that went the Node way because of this (netflix, uber, Paypal) and not just. You avoid the breach between frontend and back end development and move in a more unitary direction.

Dan Shaw, CTO and co-founder of NodeSource, a provider of support services for Node.js shops:  “Node.js is rapidly replacing Java and .NET due to the agility of the Node.js software development lifecycle. Building a Java app typically takes six to 24 months from start to finish. In contrast, Node.js applications take two to six months.”

  • Tools, like npm and now Yarn, make working with Node.js a piece of cake. You get a consistent, reliable and fast workflow that changes development entirely.

  • Code reuse through prototyping and class inheritance. This is another point in the faster development column.

  • Real time apps compatibility. Node works very well for gaming apps, chats and others.

  • A modular construction allows you to change things easily in small particular modules which makes maintenance and future development almost headache-less.

On a separate note we would also list the Node.js Foundation as a bonus point for getting into Node.js development. Constant updates, with a clear calendar and a driven and united community are features that innovate and push development forward. Also, there are plenty of companies that use Node, we are testimony of that.