Looking to hire a node.js developer? Not so fast!

Recruiting is never easy, mainly because a multi-step process, exhaustive as it may be, cannot truly unravel a candidate’s true colors and whether they are a good fit for the job or not. It’s even more challenging and troublesome when trying to choose between candidates with similar profiles and loads of experience below their belt.

So how can you ever be sure that you have made the right decision when hiring someone to embark on your company’s journey towards success?  Here are some pointers that might guide the process when looking to hire a node.js developer!

As you may have already guessed, experience is one of the main criteria your hiring decision should be based on. An experienced node.js developer not only has the skills and knowledge you’re seeking, but also excels in appealing to all sorts of tools, tips and tricks that help create a sophisticated-looking and functioning system in a heartbeat.

Often, in an interviewing situation, a cold listing of experiences in the resume doesn’t even begin to do justice to the great potential of the candidate standing in front of you. Not to mention the nerves that might get in the way that could cause selling himself short. On the other hand, a stuffed and apparently endless CV does not necessarily reveal a valuable future employee.

When it comes to finding experienced node.js developers, we consider the further set of questions to be very helpful in unraveling some valuable acquired skills throughout their working career:

  • Is your candidate undergoing his own open source Node projects? Are they well maintained?
  • Does he contribute to other Node projects?
  • Does he have a good understanding of Node internals, database options and applications beyond the normal HTTP’s?
  • Is he also a DevOp, a developer involved in operations such as bug-fixing, patching or scaling their application across a variety of database servers?
  • Is he an active member of the Node Community, helping other developers, sharing knowledge and resources and contributing to its growth?

While these might be experience-related issues you need to address when looking for a new entry in your development team, compatibility is nonetheless the deal-maker or breaker. Hopefully, your candidate shares the same values as the ones you are trying to perpetuate throughout your company philosophy and culture.  When circumstances do not necessarily require expertise, sometimes attitude and shared beliefs are a better indicator of a successful collaboration.

Perhaps the best piece of advice we could share with you is congruent to the common saying “Hire for the attitude, train for the skill”. In the world of tech, skills tend to become obsolete in the never-ending cycle of changes that continuously emerge as time passes by.

At the end of the day, passion is the one criteria that goes well beyond every other skill and feature you are looking for. If you have the ability to spot it and the possibility to fertilize it, your recruitment process might turn out to be a lot easier than you thought!

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